Calm and Tidy offer a Professional Home Organising and Decluttering Service working with clients in their homes across Surrey, Hampshire, and West Sussex.

  • Do your valued spaces feel out of control rather than making your feel calm and relaxed?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your ‘stuff’?
  • Do you look at your home or office space and wonder where you should start?
  • Do you start tidying and sorting and give up halfway through?
  • Are you planning to move or downsize?
  • Are you going through a life-changing event, due to divorce, bereavement, illness, new addition to the family?
  • Do you have a family that needs our help to downsize and move? We deal with specialist moves for Seniors.

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then it may be time to consider our services:

  • Home Organising/Decluttering
  • Office Organising
  • Moving & Downsizing
  • Life Changing Events
  • Specialist Moves for Seniors

We can help you simplify your life and space.

We provide a personal, confidential, and professional service to bring organisation and decluttering to your home so that you can live life in balance. We will help bring calm and order by facilitating the process of letting go, decluttering, and organising giving you the freedom to enjoy your physical and mental space.

We help clients with their ‘things’ and their lifestyle decisions by empowering them to change their space to make everyday living easier. Clutter can create anxiety and a wealth of negative feelings. Calm and Tidy will work closely with you in a non-judgemental way and in total confidentiality to melt away those Clutter anxieties.