Life Changing Events

Bereavement – Illness – Divorce – New Family – Empty Nesters

Life never
stops changing…

Life never
stops changing…


Sorting through the belongings of a loved one who has passed away can be a very difficult and emotional time. If there are constraints such as distance or time pressures, this can make the process particularly stressful.

We will work with you in order to organise items that need to be kept, and passed on to family members or friends in accordance with your wishes or to a Will. We will help to sort and package items to recycle or donate to charity.

If you are acting on behalf of a family member or estate, we can help arrange furniture & items to be valued and auctioned and/or donated to charity. We can arrange final clearance of a property if a property is to be eventually placed on the market for sale.

Life Changing Event


Illness can bring its challenges. We will bring our expertise to assist in organising a home that may need to be simplified due to the challenge presented by illness. We can help to make areas more manageable through decluttering and careful organisation.


This is a stressful time when you may be reflecting on changes that you may wish to make in your current home or perhaps moving to a new property. We can assist in making decisions with respect to changing current areas, perhaps, creating new spaces for children. We will work sympathetically with you understanding the emotional value of past memories in items that you wish to remove, pass on, or donate.

They come
and go…

They come and go…

New Family

Are you about to bring home a new baby and need a calm organised environment? Maybe you are about to be adoptive parents.

We can help organise and create bedrooms for babies, children, and teens. Rooms that will work for you and the new additions with storage, creativity, and practicality in mind.

New Family

Empty Nesters

Have your children grown older and left home? We help declutter, reorganise and update their space so it is fit for purpose again.